Thursday, April 21, 2011


I felt relaxed and happy all day today, a marked difference from the stress/frustration/anxiety that have been defining my moods lately. In fact, the feeling was so noticeably different that the voice in my head (don't worry, there's just one) kept repeating, "I'm happy!", like my brain was trying to acknowledge this feeling it and capture it forever. Don't worry Brain, I'm working on it.

Happy dog iz happy

Here are some of the things that are contributing to this wonderful mood:

  • the upcoming 3-day weekend!
  • letting go of work stress; for some reason, it just isn't sticking anymore. I'm ready for a new challenge, and I think I'm subconsciously preparing to move on to my next job (whatever that may be!)
  • I shared something, and it turned out well :)
  • strangers are reading my little blog; every day I see the numbers going up, up, up and my heart smiles. For sharing even a few minutes of your time here, I say THANK YOU
  • I posted my Life List, and just reading it makes me feel super excited! My life is going to be so much fun :)
  • this little fuzzball is snuggling in my lap

I am definitely in need of a long weekend, and I want to enjoy every nook and cranny of these three glorious days. On my list:

  • taking myself on a date: a movie and a trip to Target
  • manicure and pedicure
  • getting some good workouts in
  • making my blog prettier (I'm working on, I promise!)
  • a good nap or two 
  • restocking my fridge with a trip to Trader Joe's
  • delivery from a yummy restaurant
  • catching up on my favorite blogs
  • Easter dinner with my super cute family

Wishing you all many happy days ahead!

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