Lovely Life List

Ali's Lovely Life List*

Inspired by Maggie and the Mighty Life List, I've made a list of some of the things I check off before it is all over. For more details, check out my Life List post.

Some are crazy, some are not...but I think this is the recipe for a very lovely life.
*This list is a work in progress - I reserve the right to add or delete items as my little heart desires. Items in yellow are COMPLETE!
Quit my job and spend 6 months volunteeringAdopt a sweet and charming miniature dachshund ● Run a half marathon ● Learn how to drive, again (me = city girl) ● Meet my best friend/be a best friend ● Take my mom on a fantastic trip to Italy ● Be a wife ● Be a mother ● Be the world’s coolest aunt ● Live in Los Angeles ● Figure out my goal weight and learn how to stay there ● Live in an adorable apartment in Greenwich Village ● Spend a few months backpacking in Europe ● Spend a long weekend at the Parker Palm Springs ● Learn enough Spanish and French to impress people ● Ride on the Orient Express ● Take a bike tour through Italy ● Learn to surf in Hawaii ● Buy my own little beach bungalow in the Hamptons ● Contribute something positive to the world and make a good living with a “Thank-God-It’s-Monday” fulfilling job ● Write a book ● Own my own business ● Have a drink with one of the writers of The Daily Show ● Be a Disney World Cast Member – spread pixie dust! ● Learn how to use all of the features of my DSLR and be a photography rock star ● Ride Dumbo at all 5 Disney theme parks ● Plan my own lovely and adorable Martha Stewart-worthy wedding ● Attend a red carpet movie premiere ● Go to the Oscars (maybe as a nominee!) ● Meditate in Bali ● Swim with that cool glowy plankton stuff in Puerto Rico ● Fall madly in love with the sweet, funny guy ● Go to the Sundance Film Festival ● Live in Orlando ● Fly on a private plane ● Compete in some kind of cooking contest - bonus points if there is a corny Food Network special about it! ● Attend a political rally in Washington DC Linger over dinner in Sorrento with my family, watching the sun set over Mount Vesuvius ● See the town in Ireland where my grandmother was born ● Ride on a zipline through the jungles of Costa Rica ● Take an African safari ● Have my picture taken in front of the Eiffel Tower ● Ride the Tower of Terror solo – and buy the picture this time! ● Run over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise ● Dive into the Mediterranean from a boat floating off of Capri ● Take a cross-country road trip across the US ● Get super dressed up and go to the Met Costume Institute Ball ● Learn to give myself the perfect blowout ● Dance all night in Cuba ● Flaunt some beads at Mardi Gras ● Pay off my credit card debt ● Earn another master’s degree ● Figure out my true creative calling ● Plan a summer volunteer bike trip ● Be Goofy (or some other costumed character!) ● Make someone’s wish come true ● Start a book club ● Do something that could get me arrested (but not get arrested for it!) ● Figure out my favorite book, movie, death row meal ● Win a hand of black jack in Las Vegas ● Spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle ● Cheer for Team USA at the Olympics ● Watch a movie under the stars at Bryant Park ● See Shakespeare in the Park ● Shop in a Moroccan marketplace ● Take a bike ride along the beaches of Goa ● Own a Chanel jacket ● Drive down Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible ● Have clothing custom-made in Vietnam ● Run a marathon ● Be photographed by Bill Cunningham ● Cheer loudly at my brother’s college graduation ● Make sure my mom and brother really know how much I love them ● Host a big Thanksgiving dinner ● Learn how to bake a dessert that people remember ● Run a race that raises money for something I care about ● Have my picture taken with Judge Judy ● Wear a bikini in public ● Buy a fixer-upper and flip it ● Sneak a peak in the Vogue accessories closet ● Be a clue in the NY Times Crossword Puzzle ● Be a mentor to someone ● Watch the Sound of Music at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont ● Write a blog that inspires people ● Take Audrey to the South Beach Wiener Dog Festival ● Become the person who actually follows through on all of my good intentions…it isn’t only the thought that counts ● Have my place featured on Apartment Therapy ● Spend a day performing random acts of kindness – feeding meters, shoveling walks, buying a round of drinks ● Hang out at the tents at New York Fashion Week and see a fashion show ● Find a regular volunteer project ● Master a great smoky eye, a rosy pink blush, my perfect lipstick shade ● Learn to make amazing French macarons ● Solve a mystery ● Learn CPR ● Attend a blogger summit ● Make something pretty ● Learn how to tie a tie, sew a button, scramble eggs ● See all 50 states ● Take a cruise to Alaska ● Go skinny dipping ● Hang out backstage with the band ● Saber a bottle of champagne ● Be an extra in a movie/tv show ● Throw a fabulous party ● Dye my hair blonde ● Wear the most glamorous peacock Halloween costume ● Go to a state fair ● Meet an Imagineer ● Learn Photoshop ● See all of the Best Picture Oscar winners ● Understand the very basics of html coding ● Teach Audrey 3 new tricks ● Sing on stage at the Apollo ● Teach a class ● Eat many delicious 10pm dinners in Spain ● Make a gingerbread house ● Ride a unicorn (with thanks to Beatrice and Isabelle, truly great Life List makers)

Dinner in Sorrento, June 12, 2010
Audrey the Dog, adopted July 3, 2010
Rally to Restore Sanity, Washington DC
October 30, 2010
On stage at the Apollo, September 9, 2011

Mom's birthday trip to Italy, June 5, 2011

First solo car ride, September 2, 2011

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