Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Pair of Shoes: Palm Springs

A little insight into the mind of me: yesterday morning I was flipping through the pages of a cheesy tabloid (I may or may not have found said magazine in the trash; if it was in the trash, it was definitely right on top and not touching any garbage-like material). I was skimming an article about Sara Rue posing in a bikini (good for her, she looks amazing) and noticed that she was wearing one of the cutest pair of shoes I had ever seen. And I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

The magazine was no help in providing a source or a designer, but thanks to the wonderful thing called the interwebz, I was able to locate them. A quick type of a few keywords into and I learned they were Kate Spade Brook Espadrilles ($225). I'm not surprised (though my wallet was hoping they were from Old Navy).

just. so. pretty.

I started browsing through Kate's other offerings and within 3.2 seconds, I found a total of three pair that I was completely in love with.

All images: Kate Spade

I got to thinking that these would be the perfect shoe wardrobe for a long weekend getaway to someplace special. If I couldn't pull the trigger on buying my fantasy shoes (at least, not yet), I thought I would daydream about the fantasy vacation I would take them on. Isn't that what lazy Saturday mornings are for?

So then I jumped over to Polyvore -- have you ever played with this nifty little site? It basically allows you to play editor/stylist/art director and curate your own little collections. I decided I wanted to take my three pair of shoes to Palm Springs, so I dropped them on the canvas and started building some looks. Here is what I came up with:

3 Pair of Shoes: Palm Springs

The shoes are definitely the stars! The dream wedges pair perfectly with a black bikini (if I'm going to fantasize...), the world's most glamorous cover-up, and an obnoxiously expensive beach bag. The espadrilles are perfect with a little shift dress for an afternoon of shopping for mid-century treasures and gawking at amazing architecture. And the pink sparkly heels get dressed up with a fancy black blouse and skinny jeans -- probably a little fussy for Palm Springs, but sometimes I like to be a bit overdressed.

Thanks for coming with me on my silly little fantasy. Now that I have the wardrobe planned, I think I am going to have to plan a trip to Palm Springs...maybe that would be a good reward for completing my first half marathon? I'm going to start putting my pennies in the trip/shoe fund!


  1. I love the black wedges; I've been looking for some like those actually

  2. I have a couple of pair of KS shoes and I find them to be quite comfy and walkable -- I imagine these would be, too (at least, that will be one of my excuses for buying them).

    Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your blog and I love your yoga with the stars...I think you're on to something there!