Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm not dead!

Oh, hi. Remember me? Probably not. I just logged into Blogger and my blog is pretending not to know me. A little cold shoulder, but that's OK -- nobody likes to be abandoned.

Well, hopefully this marks my return to regular blogging. I'm going to start slowly so I don't hurt myself, so this will be a quick post...but LOTS more to come!

So I've been busy with lots of great changes. My to-do list has been MASSIVE, but I am thrilled to say that I've been able to keep up with some good workouts. In the past three days, I've logged 10 miles! They haven't been fast and they haven't always been pretty, but I've gotten them done. And this morning's workout was a 6am special -- definitely not my best hour. Which is probably why I managed to drop my keys along the way without realizing -- not awake! Luckily I retraced my steps and found them :) At various times my mother has threatened to pierce something on me and attach my wallet/keys/phone or other frequently lost item to a chain. She's probably on to something.

The weather in NYC has been pretty miserable lately -- muggy, sticky, humid, and any other word for "makes me feel disgusting". I've been trying to keep my workouts to the earlier or later parts of the day...I figure even if it isn't that much cooler, it will be harder for people to see how gross I look in the dark. Last night I took a nice long stroll right at dusk, which is perfect for one of my favorite activities -- looking in people's windows and seeing what they're watching on TV. Listen, I'm curious! If you don't want me to look, close your blinds. I have to say, some of you have some very questionable taste in TV shows. VH1, really?

This time of day is also perfect for admiring my neighbors' decorating styles. I passed one home that had a real, honest-to-goodness library -- walls and walls of floor to ceiling books and one of those ladders that slides around the room. Note to self: I need that.

But it's not all fancy libraries in my 'hood. As the old saying goes, money can't buy class. To this point, I introduce Exhibit A:

Yes, this is the kind of crap that one of my neighbors decided to adorn their million dollar brownstone with. It is hard to read the sign, but it says something about happy birthday to Leos.

Then there's Exhibit B:

I think they specialize in post-mortem spray tan applications and rigor mortis fist pumping. Listen, maybe your name is Guido -- but that doesn't make it a good name for your business!

OK, off to give Audrey the Dog her last walk (she's doing much better, thanks to those who asked!) and get ready for bed. I'm ready for some QT with my TV hubby (Jon Stewart) and some good sleep!