Sunday, March 27, 2011

What would they say?

So I had an interesting experience this weekend that got me thinking...

I have a neighbor who I am friendly with -- we say hi in the laundry room, we talk about our dogs, etc. What is a little weird is that though we always say hi to each other, we never actually introduced ourselves. After a few months it just seemed odd to say, "Oh, and I'm Alison...what's your name?". Weird, I know -- feels like something that would happen to characters on an NBC sitcom. Sometimes I feel like I missed the day in kindergarten where they taught normal social interaction and I am just slightly awkward in that department.

Last time this neighbor and I spoke, she mentioned she wanted to give me something and I figured we she would do so next time we ran into each other. But I walked into the building on Friday and the doorman had something for me -- it was a note from my nameless neighbor with the info she promised. It was addressed to me and signed with her name, so at least the introductions were finally out of the way!

But it got me thinking...she must have asked the doorman about me in order to get my name and I wondered, "If someone had to describe me, what would they say?"

People in my building are young and attractive. I don't know if it is intentional or by accident, but this is just a good looking building. Lots of people who look like models (maybe they are...they're kind of moody and aloof). Plenty of young doctors, too (there is a hospital nearby). And then there are the doctors who look like models....our own little Grey's Anatomy. I do not fit into any of these categories.

So I started playing out the conversation between my neighbor and the doorman in my head. First, I tried to think the best. Maybe she referred to my little pup:

"I have a note for the girl with Audrey, the super adorable dachshund -- do you know her name?"
Gratuitous Audrey photo - she wasn't crazy about her Christmas look

Then, I thought maybe she threw in a descriptor or two:

"I have something for the tall brunette who owns the world's cutest dachshund -- do you know who I mean?"

Finally, I thought the worst:

"I want to leave a note for that bigger girl in the building -- you know, that one chubby girl who lives here? The girl with the great personality?"


I'll never know, but I hope that in the next few months I'll give the rest of the world a new way to look at me. Here are some of the ways I envision being described:

"Do you know that girl who is always in running clothes? She's kind of a blur in the neighborhood..."

I'll even take:

"There's that girl who is always red-faced and sweaty. 'Cause she's such a hardcore runner!"

And one day...

"Hey, who is that girl who's like a younger, less man-stealing Angelina Jolie?"

If you just squint and tilt your head a bit...
(Photo credit:

It COULD happen. I am sometimes told I look like Liv Tyler...and more often, Xena Warrior Princess. Angelina Jolie isn't THAT far off....

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