Monday, March 28, 2011

Alison's Reasons Why Not

First, can I say once again how grateful I am for all of the brilliant and inspirational bloggers out there? Love you to pieces, I learn something (or many somethings) new every single day!

I have been thinking about a great post by Elle, one of the genius contributors at Prior Fat Girl, that I read a few weeks ago. She shared one of her strategies for fortifying her willpower in the face of the many, many temptations that cross out paths every day.

I feel like I am fighting this battle constantly. I know that eventually (once I am in the zone) I will be much better at saying no... but for right now, when temptation comes along I am susceptible. When I saw that box of delicious pastries in the office last week (provided in honor of a departing co-worker, who is actually diabetic -- yes, I work with geniuses), my brain convinced my hand that it was a very good idea to grab one (or two, or...) and indulge.

Elle's strategy is to think about your bigger goals and have a list of those goals at the ready so you can really determine if that treat is worth it. What do you want more, a cookie or a new wardrobe/more energy/a teeny bikini? And she says it even more eloquently than that! Check it out for yourself HERE.

In the spirit of Elle, I present to you my list of things more important than that very tempting (fill in the blank) -- otherwise known as:

Alison's Reasons Why Not

1. I want to run a marathon
2. I want to be able to BRAG to people I ran a marathon
3. I miss my 2005-era wardrobe, which fits a smaller, fitter girl. It is really lovely, and contains things like this little DVF number:
So much better in person. Also, remind me to tell you the story behind this dress -- an old-fashioned NYC shopping triumph. It was fated to be mine!

4. I want to comfortably fit in the small seats on the subway -- I ride a crowded train and I HATE passing on a seat because it is too squishy
5. I want to live for a long, long time -- long enough to be a sassy grandma who wears fabulous, funky jewelry and that crazy bright pink lipstick
6. I want to ride a zip line through the jungles of Costa Rica (and other adventure-ish type stuff)
7. I want to wear skinny jeans and tall boots (and leggings! God, those look comfy)
8. I want glowy skin and tons of energy
9. I want to be a good example

and finally, my immediate source of motivation...

10. I am spending a week at the Beach Club Resort in WDW this summer, and I want to feel more comfortable splashing around Stormalong Bay in my bathing suit

Wish I was here....

Tomorrow is a new day, and I know there will be times when I don't want to fight, when it will be easier to skip the workout and eat things I don't need. But hopefully now I'll remember to ask myself an important question: How important are my goals -- do I want to get closer to them, or do I want to push them even further out of reach?

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