Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Web roundup

I spend a fair amount of time hours and hours and hours surfing the interwebz, and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not inspired by looking at sites that are lovely/hilarious/amazing. But don't worry, I'm not selfish -- I am happy to share a few sites that have been keeping me entertained this week.

Dear Photograph

Definitely the darling blog of the web this week, Dear Photograph encourages people to "take a picture of a picture from the past in the present". Got that?

Looks something like this:

Dear Photograph,
We had nothing, but you gave me everything. Thank you for your
never ending love. I love you Dad

This blog features photos that readers have sent in -- people take their favorite/most memorable/most poignant photos back to the locations where the photos were taken, and then photograph themselves holding up the photo in that space. The results are sweet and funny, offering a way to pay homage to the past while acknowledging that time continues to march on. I would love to try this myself, there are quite a few favorite places from my childhood that I would LOVE to see again.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Again, I'm going to let the blog tagline speak for itself: "Where early photography meets extreme hotness". Indeed!

I have to say, as an art history student I looked at my fair share of daguerreotypes and I never saw many lookers, but I guess I wasn't looking in the right places! Who knew our forefathers were such smoking hotties?

This site does make me stop to wonder, "were these men considered handsome at the time, or did women find other characteristics more appealing?" But I don't think too hard...I mostly just look at the pictures of yummy men. Here's a popular one of Almanzo Wilder (aka Mr. Laura Ingalls Wilder).

I'd like to cuddle with him in a little house in the big woods...

The Nutropolitan Museum of Art

Finally, a museum devoted to peanut butter. Isn't it about time?

Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, cherries, cherry preserves, and shredded coconut --
this needs to git in mah belly ASAP
This is a virtual museum that features photos and recipes for a variety of peanut butter-based treats. The site is the brain child of Peanut Butter and Co., makers of the BEST gourmet peanut butter in the world. If you haven't tried this delicacy, you must. You can find it at many major supermarkets all over the country, or you can make a trip to New York City and visit their adorable little sandwich shop in the West Village. Actually, a visit to their shop should be on your to-do list anyway -- it is like peanut butter mecca!

This site will definitely make you hungry, and might also inspire your next peanut buttery meal!

There are a few of the sites feeding my web addiction lately...what sites are you loving right now?


  1. I hope you feel guilty--I will now waste at least an hour a day looking at that PB virtual museum online and I blame you entirely! So awesome! I' definitely heading to their NYC shop one day. My dream!

  2. Oh gosh…just the picture of that peanut butter got me! I tried that once and ate the entire jar in like…oh two days! haha…now I don't let myself buy it anymore!!

  3. Vanessa -- OK, I do feel a little guilty...but I will feel GREAT when you get to NYC and enjoy a meal at Peanut Butter and Co. :) SO good, I'm glad I live a safe distance away!

    Amy -- I have the same problem, so it is definitely an occasional treat...but every so often I indulge!