Sunday, June 26, 2011

The end of excuses

Yesterday I decided it was time to get back on track training-wise. I thought it would be easier to get into a schedule once I got back from vacation, but no. There's always an excuse -- it's incredibly hot, I got stuck at the office late, I wanted to sleep in, a last-minute invite to something more fun than working out -- but I know what excuses do for helping me reach my goals: absolutely nothing. I'm remembering why I was such a hard ass on myself once upon a time -- if left to my own devices, I can be quite a slacker!

After letting almost the whole day go by (and seeing my evening plans fizzle out), I finally got my act together around 7:30 and laced up the sneakers. It was a really lovely evening -- the heat of the day had dissipated, leaving a still-bright sun and a nice warm breeze. I set out for Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is starting to feel comfortably familiar. I don't think this view will ever get old:

One day I will take a not-crooked Hipstamatic photo

Technology was not my friend for this workout. I found my Garmin completely dead when I was ready to leave, so it stayed behind. I gave myself an hour goal, which I stuck to, but I really wish I knew how much distance I covered and what pace I was keeping. I have a competitive nature, and the motivation of trying to beat myself each time and see improvement in black and white would really help.

I know there are much sleeker GPS watches out there, but
I think this one has a charming 
jolie laide quality
Garmin Forerunner 305
My iPod also died at about the halfway mark. I am definitely a "needs music to workout" kind of girl, so this was a real bummer. Also, I learned that an iPod with a drained battery weighs at least 10x more than one that plays music. Seriously, the minute it died it felt like a big anchor weighing me down.

Luckily, people around me were able to provide some entertainment. Along the way, I saw the following:

- A 60+ year old man zooming past me; a good reminder that age is just a number, and that if you take care of your body it will take care of you.
- Two girls running side by side, who would raise their arms up every so often. At first I thought they were doing some kind of stretch, but as I got closer I realized they were practicing their poses for crossing the finish line. Made me smile.
- A stretch limo parked in DUMBO, with various members of a wedding party strolling about. This is the first year of my adult life where I didn't have a summer wedding to go to, and I was kind of wishing for one. My favorite green summer wedding dress needs some action!

Before I knew it I was home, sweaty and happy. I had a quick dinner and snuggled on the couch with Audrey, flipping through the channels and trying to keep my mind off what was on the agenda for the next day. Sunday morning: driving lessons!

Full recap to come tomorrow, but....I did it! And it wasn't at all terrible. I'll definitely need a bit more practice, but I am excited because I know I will have another Lovely Life List item to cross off soon!


  1. The hardest part of running is getting out there, once you do, it's so worth it. Glad you made it out!

  2. Thanks! Yes, if only we could figure out how to bottle that great "after" feeling and take a hit of it before a workout.

  3. you should come run with our group in CP on Thursdays! it's open to anyone and we are at all different levels. we meet at 6:30 at the columbus circle entrance, close to the loop (near the park map).

    also...I think ALL hipstamatic photos are crooked. seriously! I think it's an actual part of the app :)

  4. Thanks Meghann, I will try to do that some time! I like the idea of running in CP but I ALWAYS get lost...would be good to be with others who know where they are going :)

    Well that explains A LOT about my pics...I was starting to wonder if my eyes were crooked :)

  5. Good for you for getting out there! I'm trying to re-start training myself and it can be difficult.

    Ugh - I hate it when the iPod dies. But it sounds like you had some good entertainment!

  6. Thanks! This is a good reminder that re-starting is in the future, I should't stop :)

    And I wish I could wean myself off of my iPod dependency, but for now I am just going to try to remember to keep it all charged up. Sometimes you need a little motivation in the form of Lady Gaga.