Monday, July 25, 2011


Forgive me readers, I have sinned. It has been 12 days since my last blog. I have had some blog-related thoughts, but I have not acted on them. Sigh.

In my previous life as a blog reader, I would definitely get annoyed when bloggers would disappear without warning for days or weeks on end. What happened to them? Where did they go? How could they forget about the blog? How hard is it to just check in?

Well, harder than it looks. I'll be honest, the past few weeks have been such a blur that I really didn't think much about blogging. The to-do list was so long, posting just never got very close to the top. Sucky, I know. I know I don't have thousands of readers hanging on my every word, but I do love the fact that people take time to visit -- whether you just stop by or you're a regular commenter, your visits mean so much! Plus, I really enjoy the whole process of blogging. Really helps sort through my thoughts, and I like having my little electronic diary to look back on.

So the good news is that I've been busy with super great things. Workouts have been happening pretty regularly -- in the morning, even! This is blowing my mind because I am so not the morning exerciser. I've also been driving. Today was fun with parking: parallel parking (boo!), navigating parking lots, etc. Not the most fun, but better than the BQE. And I've been working on a bit of a top secret surprise. I hate to be a blog tease, but more to come soon.

The bad news is that my busy schedule is likely to keep up over the next few weeks, so my free time is not going to open up any time soon. But I've been adjusting and trying to make myself as efficient as possible, and I'll just have to find ways to squeeze in some blog posts. If only the rest of the world would adopt that 36-hour day that I've been pushing then I could get it all done!

And with that, I am off to sleep. I'm going to be dreaming of this little fuzzball:

Audrey in her sick bed -- I tried to take good care of her all weekend!
Audrey the Dog was not feeling well this weekend, and last night we didn't get much sleep (no one wants to be alone when they're sick). This morning things actually got worse, so I took her to the emergency vet and they wanted to keep her overnight! I was shocked, I thought we'd just get some medicine and get back to our Sunday. I felt awful leaving her. Woofy hospitals are just as depressing as human ones, and I hate that I couldn't make her understand that I wasn't abandoning her and I would be back. I'm sure she's totally fine (probably snoozing in her little doggy hospital bed), but just in case I'm going to the window to sing a quick rendition of "Somewhere Out There". The pet hospital is just a few blocks away, so we are definitely are sleeping underneath the same bright star...


  1. I hope Audrey the Dog is feeling better soon! poor little thing!
    I totally hear ya on the blogging v. living balance…I have a hard time keeping up with both sometimes myself. But just know that we are all here when ya get back! :)

  2. I say, live your life! As long as you are happy that is what matters. For me my blog is the icing on the cake, not the cake :) But I am excited about the good things that are happening for you! Way to go... whatever it is :)

  3. Thanks, guys! I feel so out of the loop as I have not been blogging regularly and I am failing miserably at keeping up with other blogs. But, I am getting close to getting back to normal. And very exciting news coming soon!